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CAPSLOCK, bastard spice, being chased by a hippo, can i have everything louder than everything else, cassie/paper bag=otp, chunky gay spice, cockpunching, coke is srs bzn okay, curly gay spice, del taco is way better than fucking taco bell, destructomatch2 was better than destructomatch3, edward cullen/cactus, fuck you salvador dali, fucking every body, gay! a gay musical, growing lung trees, gumnut cottage, having a tree inside me, hello david, i fucked you because the pathway told me to, i have a moustache, i'll buy you a book, ivanka is fucking hot, jack/luke, jemster/jadgehog, jobros are cock stars, lebefron, myfanwy, pelt the rabbit in his big white face, ropeist, sam cries like a bitch because he is one, squirtle is the best fucking pokemon ever, stabbed with a needle of happiness, stumpfucking, taco bell sucks, that sounds electric, the forest is a cunt tonight, the spice brothers, today will be yesterday tomorrow, top!dean, you ignorant fuckwit
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